Macleem is the brainchild of Haneef Saleem, an avid basketball fan and lifelong playground player. In the summer of 2000, with a vision of bringing a unique look to the world of basketball apparel, Haneef began selling a few custom designs to players and spectators at local tournaments on the legendary playgrounds of New York City. Through word of mouth and Internet buzz, he began receiving requests for his exclusive apparel from prominent players across the country, including Jay “Boogie” Brantley (a.k.a.“The King of California Streetball”). Haneef and Jay forged a partnership and began their journey to incorporate the style and attitude of infamous California courts like Venice Beach into the legendary history of New York City courts as embodied by Rucker Park. Even though Macleem began in New York City, we believe that game recognizes game no matter where you’re from.

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