Thank you for choosing Macleem Sports as your custom apparel provider. Please select from the following two design options so that we can proceed with your ordering process that best suits your organization’s needs:
1. Choose a Template Option (free of charge)
  • We will send you 3 contemporary templates to choose from that have been created by our Lead Designer, and you select one of the templates.
  • A Macleem designer will place your logo, team name and colors onto your chosen template.
  • Absolutely NO modifications to templates permitted.
2. Sneak Previews Option (available at a rate of $45.oo per customized design)
  • A Macleem Design team will create an original jersey/apparel design for your organization based on your specifications.
  • You will get “a sneak peak” at the initial design and can make up to 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Further modifications after 2 revisions will incur an additional charge ($15 per additional revision)
Estimated turnaround time on Option #1 is one business day, and on Option #2 is 2 to 3 business days.

Please provide us with some information about your organization’s apparel needs so that we can have a productive first discussion at your earliest convenience:


Preferred Mode(s) of Contact:

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  1. What products are you interested in?
  Product   Interested?
  Jersey / uniforms   Yes  /  No
  Tees   Yes  /  No
  Shooting shirt   Yes  /  No
  Bags   Yes  /  No
  Socks   Yes  /  No
  Other (please specify)   Yes  /  No


  1. Team / Organization Information:
  Team Name
  Mascot / Logo (if available)


Return this form by email to and a Macleem Sports representative will contact you within one business day.